4 Tips To Prevent Social Media From Harming Your Personal Injury Case

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If you have been injured because of another person's negligence, you are likely looking to pursue a personal injury claim against that person. To ensure that the case moves along smoothly and you receive the compensation you deserve, you will want to consider these four tips to prevent social media from completely destroying your case: Don't Post About the Incident  Too often people will post about their case, believing that it is totally fine to share with friends and family.

13 April 2017

Being Denied Visitation? 4 Steps To Take When Your Ex Won't Let You See Your Kids

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If your ex is refusing to follow the custody agreement you have in place, don't let aggravation and frustration cause you to do something you might regret later. You want to see your child, but it's important that you follow the law when attempting to enforce your rights. Here are some steps you should take to make sure you stay on the right side of the custody battle. Continue Paying Child Support

10 April 2017

2 Ways That An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You

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Hiring an auto accident attorney is one of the most important steps that anyone can take after being involved in an accident, mostly because of the many ways in which they may be able to protect you from some of the penalties and issues that can come up following an automobile accident. Listed below are two ways that an attorney can help you with your auto accident case. Evaluating Settlement Offers For You

3 April 2017

Working As A Soldier Stateside And Getting Injured: Your Rights Under Personal Injury Law

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When you are a soldier in the U.S. military, you expect that at some point you will be injured in the line of duty in some foreign tour. You do not expect to break a leg in the base cafeteria, or any other sort of injury while stateside. If you are on a military base when you are injured, you may be wondering if you have any rights with regards to personal injury.

28 March 2017

Thinking Of Going Into Business For Yourself? Legal Matters To Consider

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When you have been working for an employer for many years, there may come a time when you finally feel as if you are ready to get out on your own and start a new business of your own. However, the process is not as simple as just having a business idea and just getting started. In the business world today, there are numerous laws and regulations to consider when you are trying to start and run your own business.

15 March 2017

3 Extremely Deadly Driving Decisions You Should Avoid At All Costs

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Getting behind the wheel of a car is an exciting privilege, and its novelty doesn't wear off quickly among new drivers. However, it can be taken for granted as simply a part of adulting as you drive for work commutes, car pools, and errands. It's important to take a step back and appreciate how awesome it is to be a licensed driver every now and then. That can help you also realize how important it is to be proactive about never making any of the deadly decisions that can put you or other in danger when you drive.

10 March 2017

Signing A Contract With Your Personal Injury Lawyer: 3 Terms And Clauses To Look For

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Increase your chances of reaching a reasonable and fair settlement for personal injury claims by hiring a personal injury attorney to represent your case on your behalf. Most personal injury attorneys charge a contingency fee, which is usually one-third of the compensation amount you are awarded, for their services. Before taking on your case, the attorney will require that you sign a contract with them that basically outlines the terms and conditions of your relationship with them and the services that they provide you.

7 March 2017