What Happens if You're Injured on a Construction Site by the Homeowner?

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If you're a construction worker, you've probably spent quite a bit of time sitting through OSHA training videos and other instructional videos designed to help you minimize your risk of injury or accident on the job site. However, in some cases, you may find yourself dealing with the aftermath of an accident caused not by a coworker, but the property's owner. Read on to learn more about the process of seeking compensation for your injuries when you've been injured not as a result of your own negligence or your employer's dangerous working conditions, but because of a homeowner's actions.

24 July 2017

3 Types Of Documents Your Slip And Fall Accident Lawyer May Ask For—And Why They Might Want The Documents

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When you contact a slip and fall accident lawyer about an accident you've been hurt in, they'll likely ask for some documentation after reviewing your case. Documentation will be needed to prove your claims before an arbiter, judge, or jury. Here are some of the documents a slip and fall accident lawyer may want, along with how the documents could help support your case. Photos From the Time of the Accident

18 July 2017

Building Your Case: How To Ensure You Get Paid After Storm Damage

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One major issue for many people who live either along a coastline or in an area that is affected by severe weather is home damage. Flood zones are of particular importance as well, as many homeowners do not always realize that they need additional insurance coverage. Otherwise, they can face a total loss with no chance at reclaiming any property outside of what standard homeowners coverage offers. The following are some steps you need to take if your home is affected by storm damage:

11 July 2017

4 Tips To Prevent Social Media From Harming Your Personal Injury Case

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If you have been injured because of another person's negligence, you are likely looking to pursue a personal injury claim against that person. To ensure that the case moves along smoothly and you receive the compensation you deserve, you will want to consider these four tips to prevent social media from completely destroying your case: Don't Post About the Incident  Too often people will post about their case, believing that it is totally fine to share with friends and family.

13 April 2017

Being Denied Visitation? 4 Steps To Take When Your Ex Won't Let You See Your Kids

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If your ex is refusing to follow the custody agreement you have in place, don't let aggravation and frustration cause you to do something you might regret later. You want to see your child, but it's important that you follow the law when attempting to enforce your rights. Here are some steps you should take to make sure you stay on the right side of the custody battle. Continue Paying Child Support

10 April 2017

2 Ways That An Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You

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Hiring an auto accident attorney is one of the most important steps that anyone can take after being involved in an accident, mostly because of the many ways in which they may be able to protect you from some of the penalties and issues that can come up following an automobile accident. Listed below are two ways that an attorney can help you with your auto accident case. Evaluating Settlement Offers For You

3 April 2017

Working As A Soldier Stateside And Getting Injured: Your Rights Under Personal Injury Law

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When you are a soldier in the U.S. military, you expect that at some point you will be injured in the line of duty in some foreign tour. You do not expect to break a leg in the base cafeteria, or any other sort of injury while stateside. If you are on a military base when you are injured, you may be wondering if you have any rights with regards to personal injury.

28 March 2017